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Yup it's me!

Hello Janet! Intro

20 some odd years is a long time coming, BUT with so many exotic dancers, club owners (AND AGENTS) visiting Best Dancers website every month I felt it was time to connect & shoot straight from the hip.

<<<<< THE PHOTO ON THE LEFT IS MOI! Now you know I am not that 400 pound, tu-tooed, circus mama on Facebook, aptly named “Janet Godkin” as well. Good chance another AGENT threw that up there just to poke a stick at me, he he. Yeh, well, life is full of shortcuts eh guys – why work or think if you don’t have to? Just sit around like a sloth posting slags about your competition on social networks. Eventually the dancers catch on to your bad acting. You end up paying for your dirty deeds one way or another. Think of it as sort of a lay-away plan (he he.)

Every rose has it’s thorn I guess  & this business is full of thorns.

Yawn …sigh. To be continued…