Monthly Archives: June 2015

los angeles strip club2

Hi, hi, it’s been a while. I’ve been putting out fires all over the place. I’m back & focused now. Sorry for that.

We have clubs in UK, Los Angeles, Philly, Pittsburgh, Paris, Geneva, Iceland, Guam, US Virgin Islands, Long Island (New York) and Paris all good clubs- all accepting applications for exotic dancers. If you are unsure about visas then please have a look at our VISA link. 

We also posted some information on our SCOOP PAGE about exotic dancing in tropical places as there is a lot of drama at some of those places & I wanted to inform everyone what it’s all about & some places to avoid.

If you’re chasing money then Philly, Pittsburgh, Long Island and Los Angeles are BIG money clubs. I suggest that if its money you’re after then work these places & then take a tropical vacation afterwards.

If you have any other questions then email me (Janet) at Have a great spring & summer!