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Hiring exotic dancers for very busy upscale strip club in Philadelphia. Must have long dresses & short cocktail dresses and look classy at work. We have a busy club – slow nights around 100 customers. Average night is 200- 300 customers and for very busy nights up to 1000 customers.

For travel dancers from out of the country or state, the club can arrange a room for you at the Sheraton for free. In order to qualify for the hotel you must first get confirmed through Best Dancers, then give Janet your flight info. After Janet has your flight info she will send you an arrival email with hotel reservation info & a telephone number & staff contact for airport pickup to take you to the hotel.

Stay & work as long as you like, so long as you are happy & the club is happy with you. Minimum expected stay is 14 working days.

HOURS & WORK DAYS: Club opens at noon; offering either 4pm shift – 9pm, or the 9pm to 2am shift. Club closes at 2am. All dancers should be at work at least 1/2 hour before their shift. Smoking is permitted inside this club.

PHILLY CLUB FEES: to use the facilities at these clubs (in order to sell dances) dancers pay $26usd per shift plus $10 to the DJ. $5 comes off each $20 dance & goes to the club. Commissions on VIP rooms vary.

DANCER EARNINGS: $15usd goes to dancer for table dances. VIP rooms $90 for 15 minutes & up to $370 per hour. Average dancer earns around $500 per nt. Good nights around $1000- $2000 per night (totally dependent upon dancers ability to sell dances.) No hanky panky allowed in private rooms. Full security personnel working at all times. Drinking age is 21 yrs. Dancing without drinking age is 18 yrs.

There are anywhere from 30- 70 or more exotic dancers working at this club per shift.
COSTUMES: bring at least 3 costume changes for stage, & skimpy outfits, cocktail dresses, slinky classy, glitzy, colorful  costumes that make you stand out.  Bring sexy high heeled shoes, sexy style; and sparkly; frilly, fancy, sexy, classy, fun costumes. Always look classy, look and act like a lady.

If you want your makeup & hair done by our in-house stylist all dancers must pay to use these services.

No drugs & no drama. Bring a smile.

Contact JANET at The Best Dancers Agency for more info:
Email: info@thebestdancers.com
Call Janet cel +1-604-219-8577

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