Exotic dance in the unforgettable beautiful surroundings of Porto Portugal.





Club offers travel loans for all dancers coming to Porto for 8 weeks or more. Brand new upscale club. Catering to golfers, athletes, professionals, businessmen & VIP’s. Upscale Accommodation Provided.

Ride to & from the club offered. Airport pick up after you arrive to Portugal.

Earn drink commissions on Champagne sales. Work 5 days per week- 2 days off.

We are hiring well groomed female exotic dancers with good figures from  20 yrs~35yrs who don’t have emotional or dependency (drug) problems. No alcoholics & drug addicts. Dancers on prescription meds should not work here due to alcohol consumption involved- not a safe mix.

Private dance & drink commissions plus DAILY FIXED SALARY to the dancers.

Club caters to VIP’s  ONLY.

Hiring 10 -15 pleasant & attractive exotic dancers to come to Portugal. Airfare (prepaid loans) will be arranged for the right applicants, even if you are from Europe, USA, Canada or Australia & Mexico wherever- let us know so we can see about your prepaid travel.

Dancers must speak fluent English.

Hair & makeup to be done at all times. Bring sexy dancing outfits; classy dresses, bootie shorts, cocktail dresses & stiletto heels are a must.   Bring several of each & change a few times per night :)

EXCELLENT OWNERS & STAFF! TOP NOTCH CLUB. We are sure you wont be disappointed! Contact JANET at The Best Dancers Agency for more info:
Email: info@thebestdancers.com
Call Janet cel +1-604-219-8577



Romanian Exotic Dancers Paris

UPDATE! Romanian exotic dancers can now work in France. Yes it has been a few years since the government restricted Romanians from working in France after they were permitted to join the EU some years ago. As of January 2014 all that has changed & the laws have changed to allow Romanian workers to come to France & work. We have Paris available to dancers wanting to come, simply email Janet & she will organise your booking. :) Email Janet at The Best Dancers Agency for more info. hellojanet@telus.net



Good news! The snowstorms in the EAST have lifted & the money is flowing in New York and Pittsburgh. We need dancers for Super Bowl in New York – and have some spots open in mid-late February for Pittsburgh. Interested in making very good money?  Reported earnings last week in New York (pre Super Bowl) are $500- $1000 + per night. Excellent money for the right dancers. Email or  – New York pays travel refunds based on how many days you work and shared hotel for two dancers sharing at the Ramada.  Pittsburgh also offers free accommodations plus some travel refund (some rules apply.) Apply to Janet at The Best Dancers website. Top right!! Hit the APPLY button. :)


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Best Dancers Facelift

If things seem a little bit hush here lately its because we are giving Best Dancers a facelift. It requires a lot of detailed artwork, article writing & all that techie stuff. You may have noticed the new site looks familiar? That’s because we will be updating our site that we used for Dance in Macau. That website will be the new face of Best Dancers Agency. Yay! :)  Happy Thanksgiving America! Smiles Janet


Thank you for your patience while we are remodeling :) Cheers Janet


Yup it's me!

Hello Janet! Intro

20 some odd years is a long time coming, BUT with so many exotic dancers, club owners (AND AGENTS) visiting Best Dancers website every month I felt it was time to connect & shoot straight from the hip.

<<<<< THE PHOTO ON THE LEFT IS MOI! Now you know I am not that 400 pound, tu-tooed, circus mama on Facebook, aptly named “Janet Godkin” as well. Good chance another AGENT threw that up there just to poke a stick at me, he he. Yeh, well, life is full of shortcuts eh guys – why work or think if you don’t have to? Just sit around like a sloth posting slags about your competition on social networks. Eventually the dancers catch on to your bad acting. You end up paying for your dirty deeds one way or another. Think of it as sort of a lay-away plan (he he.)

Every rose has it’s thorn I guess  & this business is full of thorns.

Yawn …sigh. To be continued…