Welcome to dancing in the United States of America. Land of the free! Home of the brave. American strip clubs range from the beer drinkin sporty crowd... to the white collar, Champagne sippin, big spenders. America is vast & offers wonderful contrasts of scenery, climate & culture. Enjoy a unique experience with each state & club you star at. With approximately 5000 or more strip clubs in America its not easy to find a club you'll like, so let us narrow it down for you. Below is more info about how we can help to make dancing in America more enjoyable!
Always hiring American exotic dancers - we are known across America by thousands of dancers in almost every state. If you want references feel free to ask us.

Always hiring exotic dancers - we have been promoting international strip clubs for over 25 years. Sorry, but we do not provide work visas for foreign dancers.
See info below for details on exotic dancing in USA.
First thing quiet, anti-social, meek type dancers do not fare well with the brazen jolly American customers. If you sit in the corner you wont make money basically. Bring lots of confidence to work & you'll be fine.

America is vast : many strip clubs are located on highways & industrial areas; not so much in small communities. Clubs & accommodations usually require driving; it may be necessary to rent a car.

What's the weather like: It really depends on which state you will be working and what time of year. Southern states are usually warmer, as well as the US Caribbean territories are smokin hot year round. Eastern, Northern, Western & midland states are usually seasonal, which means hot summers, chilly winters & fall & spring are in between.

Strip Clubs in America : are big business and the club owners here do take their business seriously. When working at an American strip club it's best to be professional, as well as low maintenance. Any drama caused by your presence just creates space between you and your co-workers. Make an effort to smile, relax & get along with everyone.

Where will you stay : With so many strip clubs in America its hard to know where to start or where you will stay when you get there. You don't want to jump off a plane & start running around by taxi trying to find a hotel or place to stay. It's tiring and expensive, so what we've done is review every club that contacts us & work only with the clubs that are able to accommodate you, so that when you arrive all you have to do is unpack, relax, shower & head off to work.

Dealing with customers: its the same everywhere in a sense that all men who visit strip clubs want the same thing. Attention!! But American men are more "forward" "boisterous" and "big partiers; the life of the party." simply looking to share their experience with like-minded females.

Getting There: Some our clubs will reimburse money towards your travel, some pay partial reimbursements and some pay all. It depends on the club, but a reimbursement is a privilege, not a right, so it will usually come to you as a reward at the end of your stay for fulfilling your contract.

Length of stay: will be determined before you book work. Some dancers might work two weeks, some four and some eight or twelve, it depends on the booking and what you're up for. We generally do not book any dancers for one week or less.

Accommodation: You will be provided with either a shared furnished apartment or hotel room accommodation. Bring your own homey comforts if it makes you feel more at home. Sometimes the accommodation is near the club and sometimes not, but expect that in most cases accommodations are in the suburbs. With some clubs there might be a small fee upon arrival for a damage deposit.

Income: varies. One dancer may earn $6000 a month and another may earn $4000 a month and another may earn $10,000 a month and another may earn $15,000 month. If you ask me "how much you can make"....all I can do is tell you this is what other dancers have made, yet I still can't tell you how much you can make. But I assure you that if a club is not a money making venue, it won't stay posted on our website "bookings menu" for very long.

Added info: Don't date customers, just ask your customers to come back tomorrow. If they like you they will. Never give out the address to where you live, even if you think the person is your friend. Don't go with strangers in their cars. Always tell someone where you are going ...and with whom. Get two business cards from your customers when and if you do go somewhere with them. Leave one card (and any other names & numbers you have) in the apartment for someone to find or see whom you are with.

Clubs offer security and are generally safe: BUT it doesn't mean you can turn into Courtney Love when you dance in America - and it doesn't mean people can be trusted. As a matter of fact, its best to just trust yourself, trust your instincts, don't wander into bad areas, don't leave money or purses unattended (at work or at the accommodation) & don't go out with strangers. Don't do drugs, don't abuse alcohol, don't prostitute & just plain don't be an idiot.

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