FAWNIA MONDEY - known as "one of the world's best exotic pole / dance instructors"; let Fawnia teach you how to STRIP TEASE & POLE DANCE in the comfort of your home! Contact Fawnia to order now!
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FAWNIA'S EXOTIC DANCE SCHOOL also offers instruction in Pole Dancing, Lap Dancing, and The Art of Striptease- and Exotic Dancing in Las Vegas. WWW.POLEFITNESSSTUDIO.COM

SENSUAL FITNESS CLASSES Do you have a secret desire to become Pole Dancer? Would you like to get physically fit while having a great time learning something sexy & new? Now you can! Pole Dancing / Vertical Gymnastics classes. These classes are designed for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. You will learn everything from basic pole dancing moves to more advanced pole dancing moves as you progress through the classes.

New Haven Connecticut

LIL MYNX has the best reputation in the (STRIPPER POLE) business as a safe, reliable, sturdy and professional grade, dance pole for homes and studios; with customer service second to none. We have been making removable poles in the US longer and better than anyone else. WWW.LILMYNX.COM

PEEL AND PLAY - UNCOVER YOUR INNER STRIPPER!! Mary is the creator of the Peel & Play bridal stagettes home parties and workshops. Mary has helped thousands of women overcome their fears and gain self-confidence. Peel and Play sessions are a step-by-step, hands-on instructional program covering everything you need to know to create an erotic seduction. Anyone can learn moves such as "stirring the pot," "the Queen's wave," and "boobs on Bob" with a little practice and a lot of attitude gained from a session. HOME PARTIES! Been to enough Tupperware and candle parties lately? Here's a fun new idea! BRIDAL STAGETTES! Add excitement with a gift to the bride hotter than any toaster oven. WWW.PEELANDPLAY.COM

VANCOUVER POLE DANCER Welcome to TANTRA FITNESS (VANCOUVER) The Olympic city! - Want to get fit, get strong, and have fun at the same time? Pole Dancing offers a complete body workout combining strength training, fat burning and stretching. Why struggle to find the willpower to go to the gym? Get excited about working out! You are so focused on learning the moves that you forget you are even exercising. It�s great for your body - and your love life! A Different Type of Exercise - Pole Dancing is a body weight resistant exercise. Every time you do a move you get a great stretch, keeping those muscles long and lean as opposed to short and bulky, as lifting weights may do. Pole Dancing burns up to 400 calories an hour while improving balance, coordination and posture! Click Here - WWW.VANCOUVERPOLEDANCER.COM for more info.

HOT EXCERCISE (LOOK GREAT NAKED ) -Want to know what gym & workout equipment you should use? Get information about the right vitamins and minerals you should be taking. Do you know the secrets of honey? Search for the best regime that suits your lifestyle, from aerobics to yoga and bodybuilding. Tone up with tummy and butt exercises to really get you in shape. For optimum weight loss follow the guidelines. Even drinking water can help shed pounds!! It is never too young to start exercising but most of us, unless actively involved in sports, don�t really bother until we see or feel the signs that our bodies are deteriorating. The aging process becomes noticeable in our thirties and, unless addressed promptly, accelerates at each passing year. HOT EXCERCISE is a great website where you can explore answers to these and all your fitness questions, and really get into shape! Click here WWW.HOTEXCERCISE.COM

Ballroom Dancer Reviews It seems like everyone wants to learn how to dance the Samba. Or the Foxtrot, the Jive, the Rumba, the Cha Cha, Latin Salsa, Swing�.the list goes on and on. Maybe you like these dance shows on TV and want to emulate the fancy dancers techniques. Or maybe you�re just tired of sitting out when all your friends and family are dancing at weddings and parties. Or perhaps you can dance a little, but you have a fear of dancing on two left feet with no rhythm. Whatever your reason for wanting to learn Ballroom Dance, there are a number of Ballroom Dance Lesson home training courses available on the market today to help teach you, especially if you are a beginner. Visit Ballroom Dancer Reviews

EXOTIC DANCE POLES -offers a variety of removable, portable, stripper and exotic dancer poles that can be purchased for commercial or home use...visit the website to order one now - click the link to ... WWW.POLEDANZER.COM

POLE DANCING LAS VEGAS Welcome to Fawnia's Pole Fitness Studio! Pole dancing in Las Vegas by Fawnia! Lose weight, improve your body awareness, and increase your strength, flexibility, confidence, and sexiness through a variety of pole dance and other specialty classes. Fawnia's exotic dance instruction and pole dancing classes are world renown and her DVD's started the world's hottest new fitness craze, pole dancing and striptease for fitness and fun. Many of the top celebrities who enjoy pole dancing include Teri Hatcher, Paris Hilton, Carmen Electra, Daryl Hannah, Pamela Anderson, Fergie, Kate Hudson, Cindy Crawford, Jessica Alba, and countless others. Even Oprah has taken notice. Now its your turn!

For more info email: support@polefitnessstudio.com Studio Locations: (by the Palms Casino Resort) 4265 S. Arville Street Suite A (south of Flamingo, Emerald City complex, on the right upstairs) ....AND... Downstairs (by the Palms Casino Resort) 4275 S. Arville Street Suite E (south of Flamingo, Emerald City complex, last on the left) Las Vegas, Nevada 89103
Phone: 702 878 POLE (7653)

THE ART OF EXOTIC DANCING ...exotic dancing class that has less to do with exotic dancing and more to do with transformation, self-confidence, authentic self-expression, freedom, joy and real personal power. www.ArtOfExoticDancing.com
Tel: 604.219.8577

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