We only offer info to dancers who work with our agency. Members! We also welcome new members! To become a member you must apply with us by clicking on the big fat APPLY button below. We only book the clubs listed on this site. They are listed on the menu on the right under NOW BOOKING >>> Click on a place and it will open to give you more info. If you are not interested in dancing at any of these places, then we cannot help you.
Where Do You Want to Work: Think carefully about where you want to go and why. Think about the climate, the country, the culture, and what is important to you.

Members Complaints: Do not be shy about complaining or telling us what is wrong at our bookings. Complaints are useful, so long as they are delivered in a proper & civil fashion. If we don't know what's wrong, we can't help fix it. All we ask is that you put your complaint in writing , don't swear or freak out & just be 100% honest.
Email Your Complaints to: Info@TheBestDancers.com


STEP 1 : Fill out the application form on our site and select the place or places that interest you.

STEP 2 : Attach a photo of yourself showing your full body & face. Do not wear sunglasses or hats. Do not send body photos with your head cut off. Do not send photos with other people besides you. Do not send us photos that are too small or too large. Do not send us photos where we cannot see your stomach & butt. Do not send us photos of your face only. Do not send us links to other websites to view your photos. Send us happy, clear, attractive photos of yourself standing upright and alone in jpeg format only please.

STEP 3 : Think about the place you want to work; is it a sunny warm place that you want; do you prefer to private dances and table dances??? Do you want to work at clubs that offer VIP rooms by the hour or half hour?? How long can you stay & work? Do you need a place to stay? Do you prefer topless or does it matter if there is nudity or not. Think of these types of things and narrow it down.

STEP 4 : We do not book anywhere that is not listed on the menu on our site, therefore we cannot offer any information about places not listed. We are too busy answering questions with hundreds of other girls about the places that we do have listed.

STEP 5 : Some places require you to have a greencard, visa or sheriffs card; we don't book those places. Book them on your own. The places we have that offer visas are listed on our NOW BOOKING menu; Canada & Macau. Look there for more info.

STEP 6 : If you are from Canada,European Union, Australia and South Africa then you can work anywhere in the UK so long as you apply for a UK working holiday visa, because you are commonwealth with the UK.

STEP 7 : If you are from any Eastern block country we cannot book you anywhere. Sorry.

STEP 8 : We can book Europeans, Mexicans, Canadians, South Americans, Ozzies and UK dancers in the Canada & Macau. Just fill out an application as described and we can assist you.

STEP 9 : Once we have your application, and it looks like you know what you want, you are professional & prepared to work, then either contact us or we will contact you.

STEP 10 : We will get your application approved by the club, then make arrangements with you to set you up with the job or jobs you requested.

STEP 11 : Send us your travel info so we can send it to the club owner or manager and make sure you arrive safely. Some of the clubs will have someone pick you up at the airport, others may ask you to take a train or taxi. Read the info on each club to see which one offers.

STEP 12 : You can email us or ask questions so long as you are a member, otherwise we cannot help you with answers to your questions.

Strip Club Owners- If you own a new or existing strip club email or call:
JANET @ +(1) 604.219.8577 ~ (CLOSED SAT & SUN, LEAVE MESSAGE)


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