Ladies- Thank you for your contiuned support. Dancers sending their letters of adventure and stories of success & happiness keep our spirits up & allow others the window of opportunity to see how things turn out. These letters and the information contained herein are the soul to dancer's who travel. Some letters we get are so uplifting & enjoyable to read that it just makes everyone happy. Your letters are very popular with our clients & a joy to read. Thank you for sharing. Sincerely, Janet
The Best Dancers is an exotic dancer agency based in Vancouver, Canada. We refer exotic dancers through our website to USA and international clubs; clubs are always hiring new dancers- they appreciate working with pleasant ladies who enjoy travel. Our clubs offer travel incentives as well as accommodations. Letters from some of the ladies who booked work through us are posted below.
Apply online on this website first. Include recent, full length, quality photo of yourself.

Best Dancers Dancer Review - July 2016
I was referred to Janet's agency from a fellow entertainer in Florida. She highly praised the agency and informed me that they could provide placement for me at particular clubs that provide accommodations. I was working in Florida and wanted a temporary change and to explore new opportunities.The entertainer suggested a club in PA that she previously worked at and in which provided accommodations. I at that time contacted the AGENCY by email. There was prompt reply. Janet sent me a Questionnaire and instructed to send photos. I did this that day. She kept me updated and answered all my questions extremely promptly. Within 3 days I was accepted to the club of choice in Pittsburgh. Upon arrival I was greeted very warmly and they even sent a driver to come get me. That was a huge help. I have now been here for about five weeks. I am extremely happy with accommodations and the staff. I will continue and would love to use this agency again. Tessa.D.

Ps. I would say average my average the first week was good $2500. But then when there are no games maybe $2000 a week . So not horrible . And the free housing is a plus. I would say its been ok . Lol

   Long Island New York - Feb 2016
Hi Janet- Me and Megs are trying to figure out when the contract is up so we know to make plans else where. The apartment is good and the job is good too, so far too no major issues. Can you ask Philly if its ok? . Meg & Dom

   Grantham UK Club -Best Dancers- June 2016
Hi Janet, I hope you are well and I hope the house moving went well. I am writing to ask if you can organise with Maria for me to come up to Grantham from 22 June until 2 July (leaving 3 July)? Same deal as last time. I really enjoyed my time there last time. I should have gone there ages ago! ALL the girls are lovely, Maria was really good to us and I finally made some good money. Like you said it's a very easy club to work at. Often the customers need very little convincing to buy a lapdance haha, just a smile and a hello. It is a small and quaint club for sure, but that's the type of club I like to work for because I click with the customers much better. So I hope they liked having me there as much as I enjoyed being there and I am looking forward to going back soon! Hear from you soon :-) Xx, Heather

   Strip Magazine Interview -Best Dancers 2016

Dear Janet, Thank you so much for your kind words and amazing responses! This has honestly the best interview we have done so far for the magazine and I'm literally over the moon. You are a very talented writer and starting a book is indeed the best thing you can do. I absolutely love your style as I feel totally immersed with your thoughts, feelings and experiences when reading. I would be also very honoured to collaborate with you on your project as my hands have been itching to write about my experiences within the industry and human and relationship complexities. If you need my support for anything, I'm right here for you. I wish you a wonderful day and week ahead! Warm Regards,Letty (CLICK ON THE STRIP MAGAZINE IMAGE BELOW TO READ THE INtERVIEW.)

   Welcoming in Pittsburgh- 2013
Hey there, Janet! This is -Emma- So tonight was my last night in Pittsburgh, I ended up staying 2 more days, leaving in a few hours. The club is as always very welcoming. The owner and his wife just as usual, are very nice and the staff is very helpful and polite (they have new people since last time I was here). So I'm just writing to say "Thank You" for letting me be in your team. I think I'll have 7 days free next month. I'd like to come back to work, and they said the time should be fine. I will let you know like 10 days before :) Warm Regards -Elise Sent from my iPhone

   2 Months in Pittsburgh - Summer 2013
Hi Janet, I've finished my 2 months stay in Blush. Sunday was my last shift. This summer was a little bit slower than last year but Blush is always safe and clean place to work. Thanks to Sabrina she makes it comfortable to stay as she always gives me a nice, spacious room. I'd really like to come back to work in this club; work for the rest of the year, including Xmas. I will let you know in advance. Thank you for booking me there "every time." Regards, Petra C

   Good For Me in Pittsburgh - April 2013
Hello Janet , just to say you that everything is good for me in the Pittsburgh's club. I made very good money and I like the environment. They changed my stage name because my usual one was already taken. I will stay here for 4 weeks more , in total I will be here 6 weeks. (I arrived on 24 of March ) Thanks again Janet- Kitty :)

  Pittsburgh is Cool- May 2013
Hi Janet, we arrived well and they picked us up. The management are cool and I think they like us , so do we. Place is cool - yesterday night we worked and it was good :) Thank you , Di & Sue

  Thank you for your help Janet
Aren't u a Leo Janet ? Aug!? Or July birthday! ? Thanks for all your help. REALLY- I really don't know how things would have played out with out you and support from one other friend. You guys really helped me a lot. And you have been there for me the whole entire time --- I am so thankful. - Whew man ! JEN

   My Opinion of Pittsburgh - Feb 2013
Hi Janet! I just wanted to let you know that I arrived on Wednesday and worked my first night last night. The club and accommodations are nice, and the staff seems really professional and wonderful as well. I will keep in touch! Thanks, Mandy

   Like Family in Pittsburgh - Jan 2013
Hi Janet! I meant to email you after my 3 week run in Pittsburgh this month. It was amazing as usual! This has been my 4th time there & each time I make more & more passing my weekly goal! I feel like this is my home club & I just love it there so much. I'm crazy happy staying & working there. It feels like a family. I'm already thinking about when I will return, maybe in February over Valentines. I will be in touch to set exact dates in the coming month. Have a happy new year Janet. Sending you lots of love. XO Emily Marilyn

  Thank you for helping us with the penalty in Macau - March 2013
Hi Janet, Thank you very much for everything that you did for us, they dont take the penalty :) We are very happy :) We really didnt make good money BUT on the last 2 days was very good for us. We had a good luck I guess :) We are leaving today. We will keep in touch though. Enjoy your holiday. All the best! Take care Susie and Christine

  Make 8 -10K Baton Rouge - March 2013
Hello Janet, I want to say thank you for sending me to Baton Rouge! I made about 8k in a 4 week period....I think realistically girls can make between 8-10k . The club is wonderful and the management is great. I spoke with Bryant about returning, and he said that a 3 week trip would be acceptable. I am going home for a short time, but would like to apply to return from 18 April-13 May. - Mandy Looking forward to hearing from you! -Mandy

   Earned 10 Grand in Louisiana - Summer 2012
Hola janet! I'm gonna say: thank you! I'm glad to be in Louisiana... its my best experience. The month is almost done and I already have 10 grand. The club is really good. Good customers, nice management, friendly dancers, good security even the house moms are great; them always have snacks (fruits, vegetables and cookies) and everyday they cook. So you can go work and get your dinner over there for no cost. Is nice because the money you paid for the mama them really earn it (not just watching around). The condo is nice and have a pool too. And its located close to the club and groceries stores, banks and the mall in a nice area. And the club also take care of the transportation everyday. Is nice to be here. I want to stay 2 more months june and july. And then came back in the end of august again. I will keep in touch with you. Xoxo blesses! Nat

  Baton Rouge Louisiana Earnings
Realistically and with a little hustle dancers can earn about 8K at this club with it's current clientele. But luckily and with some work Joy and I both made 10K+ during our trip. Hope this helps, sorry for the delay. Looking to go back in September, let me know what you have open so I can go ahead and reserve, thanks! AM

   Louisiana-Money is Great-- June 2012
Hi Janet, Well I've been out here in Baton Rouge, Lousianna for 1 week so far and wanted to let you know how things are going. The accomodations/Condo is nice and clean and my roomate is respectful. Even though we clean after ourselves, every Tuesday a housekeeper comes over and cleans as well. Bryant took me to get my entertainers license and I worked that night. The money is great at the club and I would like to come back in August. I would like to mention that management isn't strict about the attire even though the description on your website says so. Also the lap dances are $30 and the club only takes $5 from that. I'll talk to you soon, Eve

  Lotta Money in Pittsburgh- Jan 2012
...I always appreciate the time u take to reply. :) I made $4017 my first full week -it's pretty slow here, but I'll work 7 days next week...& maybe a double when I have to work the day shift. Yesterday was my first day off & I wanted to be at work!! In total I've made my $15,000 goal. I talked to Albert. I LOVE him!! He said he would love me to come back any time and me here was his pleasure. He's a smart man, I understand him & his rules/systems. Thanks....I LOVE this place and am excited to come back sooner than later. Life is good. You are a brilliant woman and I'm glad we are able to benefit from your methods. :)) Have a great night! Thank you for being so wonderful. Xoxoxo - Danni

  Guam - Helped Me Grow as a Person -Jan 2012
Foxy Guam Thank you soo much Janet!!! i appreciate it; i hope you had a wonderful holiday and have a happy new year :D .. im going back to guam!!! and hopefully perhaps after i finish there i can start to travel out elsewhere.. im still a bit nervous to try other places yet but i am interested i just need to get some courage first!!! :D i would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to see the world and do something i never thought i would ever be doing ;D IT has opened my eyes and changed my perception on the world and has help me to grow as a person in an entirely different way! i will forever be grateful. Christina

  Guam - Helped Me Get Out of Debt - Dec 2011
Guam I just wanted to say thank u for sending us to Guam this year. I was able to get out of debt, see a great island make great money , and have the best vacation of my life , u were awesome Janet. Princess

   Pittsburgh is Great - Dec 2011
Pitts Thank you so much for booking me here, I really like it here. Place is great I�m doing fine on daytime shift. And having my own room is so great . People here very nice Sabrina so nice and others nice absolutely .I would like to comeback if it is possible. Janet - Thank you so much. Jaja

  I Love Pittsburgh - Nov 2011
Hi Janet, Thanks for booking for Pittsburgh, absolutely love it, good money and love the city ;) With all best wishes Kristine.

   Travel Not Only About Money
Dear Janet, There are some dancers out here that actually make incredible money in spite of a "recession" I'd imagine your aware of that!!!! If it was only about the money I'd stay right here! I've worked all over Florida and Georgia but nowhere else. I'm a dancer, I'm a hustler, and foremost a hard worker. I take my job serious. I have plenty of money hun but thats not the reason I travel and dance. I like to see other parts of USA, and dance just to see what its like. Thx Candy

   $9000 in 2 Weeks Pittsburgh
Hi Janet , here I am very happy, in 2 weeks around $9000 so far will stay until 24. September and than I let u know my plans thank you and have nice day, Sonya

   Nice- Very Good for Me - August 2011
Hi Janet, just wanted to let you know, that I arrived well in Italy yesterday. The last working days in Nice, were again, very good for me, I made good money in the last 2 weeks. Thank you very much for having me send to Nice & to Luna. Irene

   Hustler Paris- August- 2011
Hey there janet how are you? Had lots of fun in paris. Was good! I go back there the 26th. Xx Joc

   Thank You Janet - Sept 2011
Janet, ... "your wonderful and God sent to us in this industry and i highly appreciate eveything you have ever done for me and my friends !!!!!!" MKJiak

Hi Janet this is Kamila I just came back from Pittsburgh. Everything is good I love the privacy of my own room this is unbeatble. Everyone here is really nice I am making money I am very happy!!!!!!!!! I am glad I went there and very thankful that you booked me there. They picked me up from the airport the room was nice and clean. Albert and his wife are really nice people everyone of the staff and managers were really nice to work with. I made a lot of money $12.040 in 3 weeks is not bad at all and I was working only on the day time I only can imagine how much money you can make on the night shift. For the girls that go to work there have to keep in mind that You can't wear any outfit that show your butt see trough is ok but the butt have to be covered. The day that I made less then $500 was because I was very tired and not trying at all. I also made some friends and met a beautiful half polish half Italian that I still in love with lol. One more time thank you so much. In the near future I will definitely want to go back there. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for booking me here... One more time thank you so much. In the near future I will definitely want to go back there. Kamila

Hello Janet! :) I wanted to say thank you for your email! it was very inspiring and motivating you could be a motivational speaker! After my first month I feel much better than the first week I must say. I think I am starting to get the flow of things and understand how the club operates :) During my stay here in Guam I have realized I would love to see more of the world and I personally would be very interested in dancing in Portugal and Macau and many many other places! Please keep me in mind :) thank you so much. Christina

Hi Janet !!!!!!!! Its Lucia here . Its been a long time still living in Mexico. Just writting u to wish u a nice 2011 ...I saw about the news clubs..... look really good. Wish u luck in everything and thank u for all the places Ive been because of you. Thanks Again! Lucia xxxxxx

   LOVE NICE - FEB 2011
It's Gina from Hungary/Canada. I went to Nice and I liked it, its a very pretty little club... just the way i like it. The girls were nice and the owners were attentive too. I promised Luna I will go back to work for her in Nice and I will! Thank you for booking me. I will let you know ASAP when I will be ready to be booked again for Nice. Gina

Hi Janet :) I am loving Pittsburgh so much! This is the best run club I've ever worked in. I don't have an exact date of departure yet, but I plan on staying the full 6 weeks & I started the 11th. So maybe March 25th should be my last day? I have not figured out when I'm going to Guam yet. Every club has a waiting list. Tia

   REALLY NICE IN NICE - March 2011
Hi Janet, I arrived safely and now I have internet connection so I can reply. I've got this email from you previously, but to me didn't say that the club prefer wearing long dresses, but anyway, I always bring different clothes with me, so I have long dresses (only 2 but at least I have some) short dresses, bikinis, lingeries..I don't have a big problem with that. At the club they are really nice, I like the club and the girls also..thank you for booking me here, B

Hey it's me Toya. I'm in Guam rigt now! I love it here! Doing well! Keep in touch - Love the sweet e-mails !!!! kisses next year I AM THINKING about CANADA!! xoxoxo . Happy new years! Toya

Well dear Janet, ... during the years I have had to deal with many people ... politicians.... gangsters ... even some crazy dancers ... but you know the dancing business, it is not run by people (special) LIKE YOU! Merry Christmas to u and to your familly! XO, Adriana

Janet, I know it has been a while, but I thought of you today and I wanted to say "Hello". How are you doing? How is business? Thank you again for your support last year during with what was a very difficult period. I believe that you dealt with the situation as best as it could have been. I have restored peace and happiness to my world again. I hope that you know I appreciate everything that you did for me. Juliana

Hello Janet ! Hope that u had an awesome Thanksgiving! This is "Emma", I was in Pittsburgh - it was great and had a really good time working there, everybody in the club is really nice and I feel really safe there; overall the trip went well because just as last April I make really good $$$.... again thank you so much for your help. Looking forward to work with you again, Em

Hi Janet, I received the money in yesterday's mail. Just wanted to let you know and say thank you for helping me out. Have a wonderful day! Jen

Club Foxy is Guamazing!!!! I absolutely love it here. I really couldn't ask for anything better. Not only am I making good money, but I have also made some really good friends, too. I love Mama and Normz. They have been very good to me.(I've been here five months, and I still love it.) Thank you, Janet. Stay fabulous, Sarie

Just wanted to let you know I returned from blue Oasis. The bar is run very professionally. The only negative I found - the average was $200.00 a day. I heard winter is alot better. I'm interested in going to portugal if it's possible please let me know. Thanks again. SA

Hello Janet, I will leave Pittsburg on this friday. I really had a great time. The money is very good. Thank you, Es

Hi janet pittsburgh is awesome. I only been here a week but I made decent money here. The club gets pack daily. Lots of tourist here. ML

Hi Janet, how are You. I got both of your messages, the one from the blackberry too. I flew back home safely on the 9 Nov. I liked Pittsburgh very much, it s a very good club, very professional . All the management treated me like princess. I worked 31 nights during the 6 weeks and I made 9000 USD easy. I think it s not bad. If You know how to hustle the dances and You know how to work with all different kind of people than it s perfect. Thank You for booking me there. Thank You - Have a nice day, hugs and kisses, Your friend Melinda.


EARNED $4000 in 2 WKS- PITTSBURGH - AUG 2009
Dear janet - How are you? I hope all is well. I finished my two weeks in Pittsburgh and I'm back home starting school again. I just wanted to write you a quick review of my time there as I usually do :). I was able to make about 4000$ in 13 working days, which is actually not bad. The club was a little slower this month and I had quite a few slow nights, but I was able to make up for those days on the busy ones... ;0. It's supposed to be really busy in September because of the G-20, Everybody there of course was still really nice and helpful. Thank you very much for booking me! ;) Lia

Hi Janet; i want to let u know that the job in Pittsburg was great; the people and the club were great and I managed to make very good money in the two weeks I was there; i hope i can get back around November. Paula

Janet. You are the best thing that happened to me!! This is sooo perfect! This is what i really want janet.. thank you! first week of June is perfect! I want to start right away! thank you! Kiss, Maxi

I EARN $2500 - $3000 WK PITTSBURGH - AUG 18 2009
Janet I earn about $2500-$3000 or more, depending on who comes in. What are the girls averaging in Wisconsin? Thinkin I may try that after I get back from Pitt in Oct. Thanks - Gen

Hello Janet, I hope this e-mail finds you doing well. I wanted to let you know that I made it home safely and also thank you for an other great booking. Pittsburgh was really nice, the club is small but there is definetely lots of money to be made. Customers there tend to tip really well, almost everybody leaves a tip to the dancer every time they get a dance. They have a good and established clientele, and it always gets busy, even during the week. When it's not that busy the club refunds you the house fee, which it's really nice. The owner and the rest of the management were really friendly and helpful. They picked me up from the airport and also arranged for their driver to take me to the airport when it was time to leave. They took good care of me! They have all asked me to go back and I am actually thinking about maybe doing that in August. I was there for less than three weeks and I was able to make a little bit over $7000. I absolutely love the fact that you can stay there at the hotel for free. That truly saves you from spending lots of money in taxi rides every day. The club is downtown and close to everything, there is always lots of conferences going on near the club and the stadium is really close too, so they really have a very nice and steady flow of clients. If you know how to work in a busy club with a large variety of clients you can definetely make money there. Anyway, thank you so much again! I had a great experience once again. Thank you for the great booking! Sincerely, Lia

Hy Janet, I just got back last night from Pittsburgh. It was a good experience.I was making good money and I liked the staff and the customers were very nice. They ask me to come back and I told them I may be there in October. Nice club and it was OK to work. I will talk to you this week.Thank you . Best regards, Laura

How are You Janet? I hope You are doing well. I was thinking about You and I just wanted to say Hello. I was thinking about people in my life and I came to a conclusion that You are the only person who did not let me down,You stand by me work wise and personally. I reread Your supportive e-mails and they helped me get through a hard day I had today. You are truly a caring person besides a fair business woman. I apologize for my grammar mistakes if I made some. You look out for me and always gave me the best places to work and I You showed me that I can trust You and I do. Thank You for that and also for Your friendship. I also wanted to let You know that I am keeping in mind the booking in Guam. Thank You Janet. Silvia.

Hi, Janet...Thanks for booking me in Pittsburgh. They loved me there. Management and staff were really welcoming. I'll probably go there again during football season. Albert wants me to come back. I met two of the other dancers from your agency. I definetely want to work in Macau starting late December. Hope that's okay. Thanks and be well...Gail

Hey Janet, I love it here!...Everyone is really nice.. :)...Im doing really well here. Thanks so much for hooking me up. Im trying to stay an extra three weeks. I will find out today if I stay longer. I will email you later on for this week and let you know. Im looking to travel to Puerto Rico in mid June depending on when I end here. I really love it up here. The girls are so nice. This is so different than Florida.. People are so friendly... Thanks for helping me. Erin

Hi Janet - I wish I would have the chance to meet You-I hope I will someday. The most what I like about You that You are a person of Your word.When You say something You do it. And it is good feeling that I can rely on You because You truly get things done and besides that I really appreciate that You took Your time and wrote me a long emotionaly supportive mail regarding my personal life.You helped me a lot. I feel emotionaly better and more relaxed that I opened up to You. Thank You again for everything.Please keep me informed about Guam. It is nice to be back at places I already know and worked and I am happy. Thank You. Sandy, USA

Hello, dear Janet! I'm in Paris now-i love it! The club is super! i have great time in the club and i enjoy my rest here in Paris.May be i will stay here untill end of June,then i will come back to Bulgaria for a week or two and after that i will return in Paris-it's so beautifull! The managers are very nice, the girls are cute...i live with 2 girls in the hotel room and i have very good time with them :) So thank u, Janet for everything! Best regards from Paris-Delana

Hi Janet, I'm back from Paris now, I had a really good time. I hope I didn't worry you to much when I arrived. All the girls were nice and there were no problems, no lazy girls working there. Thanks for everything and to Guy and Stephanie and I would love to return to Paris in October. I'll be with my best friend Stacy. I think me and her would do very good out there together with our English. x x Thank you again, Helen

Hiya Janet...So I went to two other clubs in Guam on my night off... And they both suck. Foxys is the only club that I would go to myself. Thank Goodness I work there! We have the most and most sexxxy girls. I think there are like 20 of us while a lot of clubs are losing girls like there going out of style. Norman and Momma Je are so wonderful to work with! Honestly I feel so blessed I landed at the sexiest and best club! Thanks for hooking me up! And!!! After two weeks I have my own condo, car, and cat... Thanx to a handsom sweet sailor that will not be back till December! I love sailors! There is an abundance of cute young sailor boys and girls! I can not even believe I get paid to have so much fun! It just doesn't seem fair... Its like there should be a catch but there isn't! Thanks again Janet!!! Peace.Love.Ecstasy.Unity.Respect. A.Muze.Mint
P.S. I was so wasted when I called you today! I am pretty sure I just thanked you for being awsome but if I said anything embarrsing HAHAHA sorry. :)

Hi Janet, how r u , long time no speak, ive settled in adelaide now and im finally being open about being a stripper!!! so open that tonight i won miss nude south australia!! i miss the travel and all the fun i had at your clubs, hope your well and just wanted to say hi. Love Ricki

HOW'S GUAM? - March 2008
Hi are you..ive been here now 2 weeks...and i love it here...everyone is very nice to me..miss choi and the mama' doing very is good here. Thanks for booking me here! Love, Cherry!

Hi Janet, Thank you so much for your generous donation and for coming out to support Exotic Dancers for Cancer. It was a pleasure to meet you finally in person. I�ve heard fabulous things about you from dancers and Mary (EDAC). Please keep in touch. Trina aka Annie Temple / Naked Truth

Janet your a superstar. I will be available from the 1st week in Feb. I have to say out of the agencies I have joined (your professionalism and your prompt replies) put you high above the rest. I'm so glad I came across your website, as you really come across as someone who cares about their girls. Once again your an angel and thanks for you help so far Nicky xx

Hafa Adai!!! greeting's from Guam Soooo loving it here it's paradise. Really want to Thank You & let you know that I'm very appreciative for all your organisation. Miss Choi is really a sweetheart to be associated with extremely professional & she cares about us girls.. So on that note where would you recommend for me next? I'm hooked maybe not straight after Guam but definitely in the near future & i could also have some more candidates, accompany me...Amor

Janet, Please give Stephanie a big hug from me, tell her I miss her and I wish her all the best and thank her for putting me in touch with you. It literally changed my life (for the better). Anyway it's just a thought for now, but please let me know what you think. Hugs, Dara

Happy New Year Janet! May the new year find you healthy and prosperous! Many thanks again for your impressive work on behalf of all us international hoochies of mystery! January 4 is my last work night in Guam. I'll be contacting you sometime this month to arrange a booking for late Feb/early March. P.S. Just between you and me, because I know you never know for sure exactly how much dancers are earning in the clubs you book, I just calculated my total net income for the last 4 months, for 94 nights of work completed (I had a lot of days off). This figure represents all $$ earned in tips, drink commision, private dances, buy-outs (customer buys you out from club at rate of $200-250/hr), plus salary, after deducting tips paid out to the bar/bouncers nightly and monthly utility fees: $27,807. Bear in mind that I work well, am popular with customers, but am NOT a hustler! The last 3 nights will push me over the $28,000 mark... not too shabby for 13 weeks of actual work! Will be in touch, IN

Hi again Janet, ha, to book myself means that I have to accomodate myself, higher fees and pay outs! And I have to pay for my own ticket, believe me Janet, I've been around and I'm still around but u have some good deals going 'on! Does it help to tell clubs that I am top earner at the No#1 club in Miami? This anyone in the business can verify! I know my age is a bitch! but u can promote me more, please! Since I have know u / best dancers (3 years), I have been promoting u all around, positively, like I said, u are a good agency, and u have good deals! Well, anyway, all the best for the new year, kiss, ML

Hello Janet and happy new year. To let you know what I have been up to. I am on the island with my boyfriend and I am doing makeup as a special events artist. I hope all is well with you and it is good to hear from you. I got your email and I just want to say that you really are my angel. Your timing amazes me. When things are rough here and I am wondering why the hell I am here, I get an email from you. and I think, wow!! I can do anything I want. And here is a woman who believes in me. So I just wanted to reply to you and let you know that although I do not have an interest to go anywhere right now, maybe at some time in the future, I will be in touch. And I know that you, my fairy godmother will be there. Take care!!! Simmona

Hi Janet, I am 10 days in Paris. Having good time. I like it because it is very classy and a clean club. I'm making very good money and am so happy. I don't know yet when exactly I'll finish, maybe June 14th or earlier around 6th June. I will let you know later. Thank you for helping me to get here. Have a nice day. With regards Claudia

Hi Janet, thanks for your prompt reply. You have an excellent reputation as an agent amongst the girls that have worked with you before. With regards to Paris, Betty and I will certainly wait till mid April, if you can't send us both together at the beginning of April. I know you will let me know as soon as you can so we can give our notice to the club we are working at now in Denmark. Yours with thanks, Jade

Just wanted to mention how terrific Janet is.......the girls from The Best Dancers are really lucky to have her. As a former dancer myself, I know how important safety issues are to all of us girls - especially coming to a foreign country -- maybe for the first time. Janet took the time to check out the club, it's reputation and it's history, before sending a single girl down to us. She continues to check and monitor her performers progress and, best of all, she puts her girls first! Doing business with Janet and The Best Dancers is a real pleasure. A terrific agency and a savvy business woman that cares - very cool !!! Kelly - Director of Promotions and Bookings - San Juan, Puerto Rico

Dear Janet, I really appreciate your understanding. I'm really glad that I came across your web-site. I feel a lot safer having an agent who is honest and up front with me, unlike my agent here. So Janet, thank you once again for you patience with me and I look forward to working with you, Best Wishes, Chantal

Hi Janet. So I paid only the $45 last night, the other girls too. Anyhow, thanks for sorting the fees out, never had an agent that actually helped me out before. Really grateful for your help. Amanda

Hi Janet- I would like to let you know that you do have a fabulous website. I am myself a freelance graphic design artist, and your website is very informative and well outlined. Thank you very much for allowing us to work with you. Regards, Marianna, Canada

Hi Janet, Hope all is going well for you! I decided to read your website in full yesterday... and what a fantastic informative one it is! I could not agree more with you on the subject of husbands and boyfriends..I know from experience that it literally does not "pay" to bring them..for many reasons. Also the girl who wrote that everything was fine in Guam at first all rooming together and then everyone kind of turned on each other..that can be true I always try to smile and be kind to everyone but there are always a few that no matter how nice you are they are not nice in return..sometimes it can be a money thing..I always say o.k. shake the dust...I usually will pay extra to have my own place so I can keep a very positive attitude going. I look forward to going to Guam and your reply..Have a great day. Love Teri USA

Janet - Okay! You must never sleep!! The expediency in which you respond to my inquiries astounds me every time! Thank you for being there and REALLY present. You truly open doors and I am eternally grateful. You are like my fairy Godmother. Sincerely, Simona, Los Angeles CA

Janet, Hey, how are you? Thank you so much - for rescuing / helping both Niks and I out of Germany. We are now in Italy and have been working for the past two nights. Thank you soooo much..Telma & Nik, OZ

Janet- :) I read your bio on your website. You've had one interesting life! Lauren Copeland, Account Executive, Houston Press

Hi, I first have to say I am so impressed with your site and your agency I can hardly stand it! Good Job! I am really interested in applying with you. However I would not be ready to travel abroad until the first of the year. You will definately be hearing from me! You just seem so "non-shady" and like you know whats up. Thank you so much for your time and your fabulous website! Christi

Hi Janet, I'll be finished my contract here on 3rd September but I've extended till the 20th September, everything is going well here and we made good money despite the Kitty Hawk only being here for two nights. I am definately interested in going to the The Carribean, as I'm interested to keep travelling. M.N., OZ

Hi Janet. I have finished Guam, but I would like to thank you for the help that you have provided me with. Anyway you have helped me a lots and I will recommend you to any girl that needs a club.Gabriella, USA

Janet, I will only contact you from now on. As for club bookings, I have been extremely pleased with the professionalism of The Best Dancers, and will continue to book ONLY through you until I have exhausted all your options! Looking forward to hearing from you, Madame, Salome, USA

Aloha Janet, Just wanted to let you know that I got in touch with Rico and it's all good! I'm really looking forward to this trip maybe I can turn this all around. I am also a writer ......I was just curious if you have ever considered writing a book about your life as a dancer? I'm sure you have some amazing story's. That is one of the projects I have been working on over the years. I have collected some amazing story's from the girls I have worked with (Dancers have the a very unusual life & I have heard some amazing story's!!! I'm sure you have a few good one's too).......You are such an asset to all of us. Before you came along us girls had very little options.... now as I travel, it seems in just about every Club you are a "legend" I have always heard great things about you!!!!! Thanx for everything from all of us Girls........ We all luv you Janet!!!!! You're The Best, Paradise, USA

Janet, I got your thougthful voicemail. I thank you again for your wonderful treatment of me. I LOVE The Best Dancers! Gaby Z, USA

July 10th, 2004- Hi Janet, Yes we did get here safely thank you, we arrived yesterday at 2.00am. We were thrilled. Also we started work tonight and had a fantastic night! All the customers and staff are so nice and accommodating - we made really good money, and are both looking forward to staying till the end of the contract. Thank you Janet and hope to speak to you soon. Maria

Dear Janet, how are you? I'm doing fine here. Just let you know, you are still a great agent, Janet, because you are sooo lovely and care. I'm working in my country now, but trying to get an American visa at this moment, maybe even hopeless to get it, but if I can I would love to contact you and try to work in Guam with your management. You are still the best dancer agent Janet! Thank you for your help this far. love and kiss- Yuki, Indonesia

Hey Janet- France has been a really nice experience - the club is nice but you were right about the men. All you really need to do is flirt a little - and they usually get a dance, but there are not alot of men who want to spend a lot of money on one girl. I'm in Grenoble with my boyfriend now as I have finished in Paris & thank you for getting me in there. I have also given your name and website address to some very cute girls here in France that I met - they are not happy with there agent and would like to go to some other places. Hope something works out with them. I will keep in touch. F; Canada

Excellent Time in Guam !
Hi Janet, Just wanted to let you know that I had an excellent time in Guam in Feb. The club staff and clientele were all great to work with. Kaylie

Best Gig - Guam !
Hi Janet! Well I am almost done here and let's just say it was quite eventful!!! Actually it was probably one of the best gigs that I have ever done. Cute boys everywhere, beach everyday, good money, what more can one ask for? Alot of drama,(lots of damb drama) but the positives outweighed the negatives.It was weird ,at first all us roomates got along but then by the end everyone had turned on each other,but Mico and I still remain okay, there is always some drama between dancers right? I'll tell you more about it when I see you, I get back on the 28th. Well chow for now! Me.

Traveling & Stripping !
Hello, I've just applied with you on-line, but wanted to be a little more specific. I am, of course, a dancer. I currently live in California (aka the worst place in America to dance), and am looking to maybe get out for a bit. I've worked in Tokyo, Guam, and in Sydney. I'm quite familiar with travel/stripping. I'm pretty much on the tale end of my dancing career right now, but I'm thinking about doing one last round in Asia, or possibly stripping my way through Europe for the summer. I'd love to chat with you about this as, having been there, I have pretty specific questions. I've also heard good things from all those that claim to know you. You're a legend. Thanks ...Rebecca, USA

U Guys are Great !
h i how are you?...Sorry I haven't kept u updated.! I went for a job as a flight attendant the other day & got the job!.. I am moving to Bahrain on Sat. I'm really sorry if I stuffed you around so much! It wasn't intendend.. Promise!.. But I will always keep in mind, your agency, if im ever going back to dancing.! And I have told all of my friends who dance that u guys are great. All the best. Thanks for everything!. Liz Girl

Paris is GOOD !!!
Hi Janet, on Sunday we came back from Paris.The work was GOOD, club clean, and the management very friendly. Acommodation was very nice as well. We talked to Stephanie and ask for coming back. We would like to go in middle April,but I will know it around weekend.I let you know. Anyway thanks. Ludmila, Czech Republic

Sexy Boys in Guam !
Hey Janet- Guam is pretty cool hey...I dont really wanna leave either, I wouldn't mind coming back here when my contract in Japan is up, theres too many sexy boys here and I cant seem to control myself...Kisses, Melissa, USA.

Nicest Club in Guam !
Hello Janet - I am back from Guam and in Miami as of earlier this week. I ended up really enjoying Guam more than I had thought I would. There are beautiful beaches, nice people, I met some great girls and the Military guys are all cool. The club was the nicest one by far on the whole Island and definitely worth going back to. I ended up completing about 15 1/2 weeks in total, and made good money. I have been asked to come back by the owner and management. I will be returning in end of March some time. I just wanted to keep you in the loop and let you know how my time was in Guam. Thank you for all your help. Thanks for everything. Ill be in touch. Happy Holidays! Kami, USA

Good money in Paris !
Hey J, what can I say, I'm in love with this town, the club is super classy - hotel very nice - clean quiet. Wanna stay. I did very well my first night, 25 DANCES ON MY FIRST NITE. It's a good start and going for more tonight. Oh, and 25 dances in only 5 hours!!!! As I had a meeting with the house mom, so that took some of my time. Thanks a bunch Janet. It's super here!!!! Capri Bardot, Canada

Paris is amazing !!
I was just 3 weeks in Paris, and it is by far the best club I have worked in. I made more money than in the good Barclay days, if you take it over a weeks time. The staff is great, very sweet. The girls are very cool, they help you with customers and everything. Its my favorite club so far, and I think all your girls will enjoy it there. Besides Paris is beautiful, the nightlife is cool, and you can shop amazing!!! Cheers. Teri Summers, Spain

Paris is Good !!
Thanks a lot Janet!!! How are things with you? Yeah Paris is good for me. I am working about 5 nights a week, and making between 300-500 euro per night. It is good for me! A couple of the girls made 1000 euro last saturday. (of course that was my night off- damn!) I have moved into an apartment in the city and have decided to learn french and maybe stay a year. There were a couple of girls that came to Paris from Toulouse and they said how awful it was! Can you believe we almost went there! Best regards, T.W.

Guam is fine !!
Hi Janet, its Ursula and Susie here - guam is fine!!!!!! we really like the club and the management and other dancers are really lovely - Susie is very well - we both are having a great time - she has a gorgeous tan and I have strangely placed sunburn. We are both thinking of staying longer or at least comming back early next year. Hope everything is good with you. Thank You!!!! Ursulaxxx

Legendary at The Maury Show :
Janet, I'm glad you can help Joanna, you've become legend here at the Maury Show, and I consider you one of my best contacts. Thanks, Vaia, Associate Producer

Janet, thanks for the honesty
most agents I communicate with say their girls are making $500+ per night, or won't say at all, or say that I'll definitely make more than this at their clubs. I will keep you in mind if I still want to check it out another time. I tend to get itchy feet on a fairly regular basis! XO

Vanna Lace- Star of Skintight, Las Vegas
Hi there, I just want to start off by saying thanks, I am Vanna Lace's husband and that was a very nice article you did on Melissa and Vanna. She really loved it. Vanna and I just finished shooting a pilot called the "Sexy Hour of Love". We are very close to signing a big deal. She sends her regards. Best of luck, Ricardo
Ps. Vanna would love to be Miss May.

You are a great agent
Hi Janet!! I really appreciate everything. I spoke to Brie from LA, I told her also that you are a great agent and that you will always provide truthful services. It is always okay to refer someone to me about anything so feel free. I am really excited about Guam and can't wait to go. I'll talk to you soon. Tabitha Y, USA

Re: Class Films model shoot in Whistler
Hi Janet, Just wanted to say thank you so much for a great time in Whistler. Anytime you need some one to do something out in left field think "Erica" I am most likely to do it! I had a great time. Class Film's Ashley, Denise and John were awesome - Thanx again. Take care, ciao bella, xxoo Erica, Canada

The trip to Chicago (Jenny Jones) was great and a lot of fun! The show is going to be hilarious! I really appreciate your referring me. I'm writing really quick now and later will elaborate as well as send some fun pics from the trip. xoxo, Blyss, USA

"Your girls are fantastic, you are the new Maury Exotic dancer contact! I'll be here this weekend plugging away! "YOU ROCKED MY WORLD.....I LOVE YOU..I love you!" ...Vaia (Associate Producer)

Hi Janet, Natalie & I have had a rough week, most of our show fell apart on Wednesday. Natalie & I didn't sleep for 2 days literally! The only reliable guests I had on our show were your girls! Thank you for that. We were unable to use Paulina this time around due to budget although we love her & are definately using her in the next upcoming show. The girls we used were Rachel & Crisy. Thank you so much for all your help and I hope we can do business again in the future. Michelle Sahs, Associate Producer

I Loved Guam :
Janet, Just a quick note to let you know that I am home from Guam. After a few initial bumps and bruises I had a great time! I almost didn't want to come home. The money was great, the guys were a lot of fun and all the people were wonderful to work with. Thanks for helping me through that initial rocky road. I am thinking of going back, so please get in touch with me so that we can talk about it. If anything short and local comes up (or even that is only a day or two stateside) please keep me in mind. Darn, it is cold here! ;) Melissa, USA

I Loved Guam Too !!
Thanks Janet, I loved Guam by the way....and I ended up making good money. When the boats are there, its REALLY GOOD. Rico doesn't want me to leave and I loved everybody in the club, they're very nice people. I wish to go back there some day...I had fun. Talk with you soon, Monica, Los Angles, USA
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