Thank you for joining Best Dancers- below are some answers to questions you may have about travelling & dancing internationally through our company. If you have further questions we ask that you fill out the APPLY FOR WORK form and we'd be happy to discuss bookings with you.

If you do not fill out the form then we do not know who we are speaking to & its more difficult to tailor the right booking to your needs. Thank you for your understanding, Kindly, Janet

The Best Dancers is licensed, copyrighted & incorporated - we are an established strip club agency. You can trace us through our web hosting company, copyright registration, our companys' license and/or incorportation registration. We have been in business at least 18 years; located in West Vancouver, Canada. We pay taxes and are owned & operated by a female ex-dancer. We know it is not easy to find the right clubs thru the internet; it's smart to be cautious about people & who or what you find online - research the company & ask them for credentials such as business license or documentation to prove they are legitimate; give the company info to your relatives- have them call the agency if you like. Always procede with caution if you think the offer sounds too good to be true, or if someone is pushy and doesn't have their facts in order.
Note: For more info about visas & work permits see our VISA INFO PAGE


1) WHO PAYS THE AGENCY? Club owners pay The Best Dancers agency because Janet is a promoter for the clubs. Not an agent to the dancers. We are called an agency, but really we are an promotion agency, technically not an exotic dancer agency.

2) WHY DO SOME CLUBS CHARGE A HOUSE FEE OR TIP-OUT? If you own your own business you must pay rent or a lease. Think of your house fee or tip-out as business rent or a lease. In the exotic dancing biz you are using the club to make money, therefore they will charge you a fee. In order for there to be a club for you to work in, they need to pay staff; the club has to be furnished & have fixtures, alcohol, food, amenities, lighting, heat, air-conditioning, insurance etc etc etc. Consider yourself lucky if you find a club that won't charge you house fees.

3) IF I PAY THE CLUB A HOUSE FEE DOES SOME OF THE MONEY GET USED TO PAY THE AGENCY? If you buy a burger at MacDonalds and they pay their employees with some of the money then are you paying MacDonald's employees? Indirectly YES. It's the same with strip clubs, some pay us out of the house fee and some dont charge a house fee at all. It's up to the club if they charge house fees and what they do or who they pay with their money.

4) WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT WHEN I GET TO MY BOOKING? High expectations are often a recipe for disappointment. Don't build up or create (in your mind) illusions about what a job or city will be like- because everywhere is different. Research the city, ask people questions, but remember that other people's opinions vary. Keep your expectations to a minimum, be realistic, then you will be much happier with the results.

5) WHY BOOK THROUGH AN AGENCY? CAN'T I FIND MY OWN JOB ON THE NET? Sure. Book yourself if you like. Many dancers book themselves through jobs found on the net, however, The Best Dancers Agency is continually contacted by strip clubs & other dancers. Dancers keep us up-to-date about all kinds of things.

6) WHAT KINDS OF PLACES & PEOPLE AREN'T SAFE or ARE BAD PLACES TO WORK? Because we have been doing this so long its easier for us to pinpoint places dancers might want to avoid; be wary of people and offers in places like Eastern Europe, especially Bucharest, Ukraine & Russia, the Middle East, Greece, Turkey, Malta, Spain, Italy, Thailand, United Emirates, India, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, South America (including Mexico), Venezuela, Chile & Guyana. Florida has a lot of bad clubs & shady owners; Eastern Canada produces a lot of bad strip clubs. The Caribbean offers a lot of bad strip clubs (especially Costa Rica, Antigua & Dominican Republic -most clubs in the Canary Islands near Spain are just brothels.) Strip clubs in the Bahamas are NOT legal and they may ask for your plane ticket and passport. Dont book jobs that take your passport or plane ticket. Don't book jobs where they tell you the agent will come with you.... and don't book jobs through agents that ask you to pay them a fee.

7) HOW DOES YOUR AGENCY WORK? We are contacted by international strip clubs; we research them & if we think the offer is good we negotiate the terms with the club owners, to be sure you will have accommodations & are being treated fairly with regards to house fees & that sort of thing. At times clubs are asking for higher than usual house fees, or asking too much for rent or things like that - we work out what will be fair to the dancers.

8) I SEE A LOT OF STRIP CLUB LISTS ONLINE- ARE THESE SAFE FOR WORK? Strip club list websites offered on the net can't control who signs up. Anyone can post themselves as a strip club. Many postings are decieving & some of the places I've seen listed even come complete with beds right in the club. I have travelled around the world and seen some of these so-called strip clubs in person, which are listed on the net, many should not be classified as strip clubs.

9) IF A DANCER OFFERS SEX IN A CLUB THEN ISN'T THIS A BROTHEL? NO DANCER should be offering sex in the club, but we all know some do it anyway. It does not mean the club is a brothel, it means exaclty what it appears to mean, the dancer is not a dancer, she is a prostitute. If you have a problem with this then confront the dancer, the manager, the owner or whoever you want. You can even call the police if want. The police usually find out and deal with it if it's a serious problem. If it's rampant and we hear about it we will confront the club owner. But believe it or not, most dancers aren't bothered by what other dancers do. In some countries prostitution is actually legal, even so, sex still shouldn't be acceptable in the club itself.

10) I SEE REVIEWS ON MESSAGE BOARDS, SOME SAY A CLUB IS GOOD, OTHERS WILL SAY THE SAME CLUB IS BAD. WHY? Message boards are like the bathroom wall; a lot of people posting on message boards have some sort of grievances. Everyone has different opinions. The only way to truly know if a club is worthy or not is to ask yourself, why is this club still in business if it's so bad? Has it been raided before? Do the police show up there a lot? Does the bad info you hear or read out-weigh the good? If someone is saying something good then it can't be all bad; remember the old saying, if one customer is unhappy they'll tell ten people. One happy customer will usually tell a lot less people.

11) IF A CLUB IS SO GOOD THEN WHY DO THEY NEED AN AGENCY?The Best Dancers has been contacted by almost every popular strip club in the world, maybe you think they don't need or use agencies, but a lot of them do. They just want a variety of new faces.

12) WHAT ARE SOME BENEFITS OF USING THE BEST DANCER'S SERVICES: Our services are free for starters; secondly, we pre-arrange accommodations at some places & also negotiate less house fees, or less rent, and/or airfare refunds and these sorts of things; things that you dont have the time (nor skill for some) to sit around & negotiate with every club owner on the net.

13) DO THE CLUBS YOU BOOK PROVIDE ACCOMMODATIONS? Yes, some for free, but some do charge for this. Read the info for each club to see what they are offering. The accommodations provided by our clubs are always cheaper than what you will find yourself, because clubs can ask hotels for a company discount, which is something not offered to individual dancers.

14) SHOULD I WORRY THAT I MIGHT GET TRAFFICKED? We have been around almost a quarter of a century now- (getting pretty close to it anyway) & if we were trafficking dancers then either the police are really dumb and lazy, or I am a genius whose been outwitting law enforcement around the globe for years. I'm not a trafficker! No one has ever been "held against their will & forced into anything" at any of the bookings we have listed, and never will be.

15) CAN I BRING MY BOYFRIEND OR HUSBAND? If you get your own accommodation then sure. But if your boyfriend or hubby doesn't work while you are working, then you'll most likely end up fighting & arguing. Why not pass on this and just have him come visit on your time off instead.

16) HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO WORK TO RECIEVE LIVING OR TRAVEL BENEFITS? All the places listed on this site require you stay & work between 14 -90 days. If you only want work for a few days, then maybe traveling isn't for you.

17) WHICH PLACES DOES YOUR COMPANY BOOK? Places where we know other dancers are satisfied. See our bookings listed under NOW BOOKING on the right side of every page on our website.

18) HOW MUCH MONEY WILL I MAKE? I don't know how much money you will make. I can only tell you what others are making or averaging. Not everyone makes the same, but I don't hear of too many girls earning less than $6000usd per month. Average is $7000usd- $8000usd per month and some dancers are goood at their craft, work their magic, and earn over $10,000usd per month -- these earnings are take home.

19) WHY WAS MY APPLICATION REFUSED? You could be refused work for being over-weight, too many or large tatoos, facial peircings or maybe the club wanted someone more mature or younger. Maybe the photos were not very good ....or you looked drunk or stoned, mean or unhappy in the photos.

20) LET'S SAY I GET TO THE CLUB -WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON'T LIKE IT & WANT TO LEAVE? Let a manager or agent know that you are leaving, return the accommodation keys and make sure any pre-paid airfare or visa costs are refunded to the club owner. NOTE: We will contact the police or Embassy to look for dancers that don't give notice when they leave. The authorities will be contacted within 48 hours if we have not heard from you. This is for your own safety, so MAKE SURE YOU CALL US or SOMEONE to let us know that you are OK!
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