The info below is for exotic dancers to understand the difference between a work visa, an entry visa, and a work permit and/or work license.

It's very important to understand the difference and what it all means to an exotic dancer who travels internationally & aborad.

The Best Dancers website offers international gentlemen's club jobs to exotic dancers who travel locally and internationally. It's important when you work in another country that you understand visas, work permits & dance licenses.
You might need an ESTA VISA to enter USA.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: before you make any decisions about dancing internationally it's best you understand visas, licenses, permits & their purpose. Any time you cross over to another country to work- there is a good chance you may require a work visa. This completely depends on where you are going, your nationality (what type of passport you have) and what type of visa you already may have.


NOTE: Some travel dancers hold green cards, working holiday visas, or lottery visas; some have student visas, marriage visas, or some other type of entry or work visa. Whatever visa you may or MAY NOT HAVE- it's up to you to research & deal with your own visas before you travel. If you decide to in fact work without a proper visa you do so at your own risk.

1) AN ENTRY VISA - is a visa to ENTER certain countries. It is NOT a WORK VISA. Contact a travel agency & ask them if you need an ENTRY VISA. They will ask you what type of passport you have or where you were born - have your passport handy. You can also GOOGLE IT.

www.VISAHQ.com is a good place to look for ENTRY VISA INFO.

2) A WORK VISA - enables you to work in a foreign country. The EMPLOYER in the country you going to work must apply for WORK VISAS, but can only do this if they have a PETITION with their labour department. Best Dancers is NOT YOUR EMPLOYER (we advertise & promote jobs available at select, adult nightclubs, to a target market within the exotic dance industry.) Much like a TRAVEL AGENCY or RECRUITMENT AGENCY is not responsible for your visas, nor is BEST DANCERS. I hope this makes sense to all of you reading this.

3) A WORKING HOLIDAY VISA - in some countries offers people under the age of 30 the opportunity to travel & work part time. Here are some links to acquire more info about working holiday options: Check UK Visas @ French Jobs / Work Permits @ Swap Canada @ Canadian Working Holiday Visas

4) A WORK PERMIT - can be known as a WORK VISA or WORK LICENSE; it is a certificate allowing you to work at a club or other establishment requiring a permit. It can be similar to a work visa, yet it usually costs about $25usd -you just need to show a passport or drivers license to get one. A WORK PERMIT can be processed immediately or with days or a week of your arrival. Mainly it is considered a localised work permit.

5) A WORK LICENSE - many US States & some Canadian provinces require you to have a WORK LICENSE. Each license must be applied for in the city/state you will be working. You must apply for the license before you will be allowed to work. Most clubs will assist you with this procedure - it is the same as a WORK PERMIT above.

6) ALL EXOTIC DANCE LICENSES & PERMITS ARE YOUR REPSONSIBILITY - If you work in a foreign country such as USA, Guam, Europe, UK, Canada, Japan, Australia, or any place WITHOUT a license, visa, or permit that is entirely up to you! It's your responsibility if you do so.


CANADA: Unfortunately you can no longer apply for an exotic dancer visa to dance in Canada. Canadian government changed its policies regarding this matter. Story - June 16, 2012 >>> CNEWS Look into a WORKING HOLIDAY VISA as another option.

USA: Unfortunately, at this time, there aren't any clubs sponsoring exotic dancer visas that we know of; if this changes we will post it online.

ST MAARTEN: Stay tuned because as of March 2016 some changes have come to St Maarten regarding the work permit policy. I will post more info as its received.

JAPAN: Unfortunately, at this time, there aren't any clubs sponsoring exotic dancer visas that we know of; if this changes we will post it online. Alternative Option STUDY IN JAPAN

UK: Your best bet to dance in UK is if you are from a commonwealth country such as Canada or Australia- APPLY FOR UK WORKING HOLIDAY

EUROPE: Are you in the European Union? Do you hold an EU passport, or have relatives in Europe? Most EU nationals can travel & work between EU countries but there are some exceptions - best to check with www.VISAHQ.com

FOR MORE INFO ABOUT ENTRY or TOURIST VISAS GOOGLE IT or contact an immigration lawyer who is knowledgable about where you are going.
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